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Lulu is the application committed to revolutionizing and simplifying the communication of people with disabilities.

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How app helps users?


lulu is the application committed to revolutionizing and simplifying the communication of people with disabilities.

Creating lulu app, Zade team crafted the hi-tech UI/UX design with comprehensive development focused on AI by applying voice and object recognition.

Delighted with the idea to level-up the communication for people with disabilities, and empowered by digital vision, Zade has fulfilled lulu application with the best practice and trends of object and speech recognition by engaging users with disabilities to benefit from modern tools that simplify communication.


The luluapplication is created for users with the following disabilities: • Mobility or physical disabilities

• Speech or communication disabilities

• Blind or visual impairment disabilities

• Deaf or hard of hearing disabilities

• Learning or cognitive disabilities

• Developmental disabilities


How app helps users?

The lulu application is being installed on the tablet connected to a disability chair.

Users with disabilities can control the cursor with a head-tracking mouse: the user pushes the mouse pointer to the required coordinates by moving the head and then nods or blinks to send commands.

The application allows to recognize objects, create and manage voice commands to communicate with clear speech expressions.

The built-in emergency button makes users feel safe.



Working in synergy on the complex idea to build lulu tool to ensure disability inclusion and eliminate barriers to participation in everyday activities, Zade Agency afficiently resolved multiple challenges faced by people with disabilities:

Difficulties in communication

People with physical, speech, hearing, visual, cognitive, and developmental disabilities are looking for effective ways of understandable communication.

Unclear object recognition

Users are being frustrated by struggling to define the nearby objects and naming them.

Speech building difficulties

Obstacles in expressing thoughts and needs are real problems for some users.

Emergency situations

In unpredictable situations, users should be able to quickly contact emergency services.


By creating the user-friendly system progressively designed with AI, object recognition, recommendations, Zade Agency digitally transformed the word of software for people with disabilities.The cutting-edge digital experience introduced within the lulu tool is improving the journey by giving users a strong reason to get involved in conversations.From now, disability challenges are met and successfully resolved with lulu tool implemented by Zade:

Convenient communication with voice and text

The application works in two directions: speech-to-text and text-to-speech enabling clear communication and removing all possible barriers for users with all types of disabilities.

Object recognition

Recognizing up to 6 objects, lulu proposes suggestions to start communication to discuss these objects.

Library of conversational templates grouped by categories

The library collects favorite conversational cliches to use when needed.

Emergency button

Protects users in unpredictable situations.



Lulu design is built through a complex system of components that significantly simplify experience through consistency and context. Progressive API ensures optimized and secured back-end architecture and seamless integration with AI services.

Combining networking-inspired ideas with juicy buttons and the stylish smoky-black interface, Zade created the design that extends brand experience into communication space.

Intuitive consistency in workflows engages users to explore application thoroughly by ensuring comfortable assistance and customized interaction.

Zade empowered user’s experience around orchestrating communication. Built-in technical means are breaking communication obstacles and building digital bridges for users to willingly share their thoughts and ideas. Providing options to build conversation expressions in different ways, collect, categorize, and speak them with system voice, makes lulu the all-purpose toolfor different situations.

Object recognition and speech-to-text option deliver a better understanding of what happens around users. Recommending different questions about surrounding objects encouraging users to start effective communication and clearly express their thoughts.

Object recognition

With the well-trained AI network, lulu recognizes 5-6 objects in front of the camera and displays scanned items.By selecting an object, lulu shows speech suggestions to start a conversation about the chosen object in the following ways:


Text to speech

Selected questions can be seamlessly voiced by the system.

Speech to text

The speech is being promptly recognized and displayed as the text

Speech recognition by key words

Every said phrase is being recognized in lulu by context and key words. The system defines matches between words in the question and words in the library, and then, proposes suggestions – quick answers relevant to reply.


Objects Management

The questions may be added to the input field, modified by using the keyboard, added to the library, or played aloud with the system voice. The next features are just a beginning!



The library collects phrases sorted by topics (categories). Frequently used phrases may be added there and quickly used as ready templates instead of entering phrases every time with the keyboard. As well, new categories and new phrases can be created and edited.


Convenient navigation

Library and Categories buttons ensure smooth switching between Question suggestion and Categories windows.

Quick access panel

Lulu has the quick access panel well-packed with buttons to the main menu, text-to-speech and speech-to-text screens, object recognition along with emergency calling.

New level of communication

And now, it’s here! The beta version of lulu is available right now. Let the world experience better communication!

And now, hurry up! Let's implement your revolutionary ideas! Zade team would wilingly help you :)

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Written by
Yuriy Zahreva, CTO
By creating the user-friendly system progressively designed with AI, object recognition, recommendations, Zade Agency digitally transformed the world of software for people.
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