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By creating the advanced rental system progressively designed with filters, sorting, recommendations, calculations, step-by-step rental strategy, well-trained bot assistant, and online rental meetings, Zade Agency digitally transformed real-estate.

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How app helps users?


BabaFi is the American portal known for providing exceptional long-term rental experiences for its guests. It dedicated to improving the journey for those who would like to quickly rent suitable apartments in New York. Fostered by the latest real-estate traditions, BabaFi integrates innovative processes, breathtaking facilities, multiple locations, and automates legal routine.

Supporting BabaFi portal, Zade team helps property renters, owners, and sellers to explore a new approach to rental services by cultivating ethical renting, ensuring transparency and trust between all parties, at the same time, growing apartments base. Empowered by digital experience, Zade has already implemented through BabaFi the best practice and trends of real estate into engaging users to try the modern apartment-search tools.


Working in synergy on complex idea to build BabaFi tool improving real-estate processes, Zade Agency efficiently resolved multiple challenges and conflicts of interests faced by rentners and apartment owners:

Problem of choice

Too many options to select but no understanding from what to start or where to focus attention when deciding on a deal; making first steps that lead to the wrong direction; or endless sorting of options without result.

Amenity issues

Expectation and reality are never be the same, especially when it comes about accommodation features and specialties that create comfort or may disturb you.

Human factor

Ambiguity in explanations, forgetting agreements, breaking promises, trickiness, over- and underestimating conditions, distance, and affecting important decisions by mood amplitudes – for people it’s normal but can be obstacle when doing business.


Viewing and presenting apartment takes hours or attention and parties availabilities for a meeting.

Payment issues

Unclear finance calculations without written notes are often the matter of dispute between parties.


By creating the advanced rental system progressively designed with filters, sorting, recommendations, calculations, step-by-step rental strategy, well-trained bot assistant, and online rental meetings, Zade Agency digitally transformed real-estate. The new utilities and experiences introduced within the website are improving the apartment journey by establishing rental rituals, and giving users a strong reason to get involved with BabaFi on the sophisticated level.

From now, real-estate challenges are met and successfully resolved by Zade:

Wisdom decision

On different renting stages, the Bot Assistant and Top Listing option thoroughly guide users by asking relevant questions to reveal user needs. The flexible map allows selecting apartments in the preferable region.

Amenity choice

With BabaFi’s filters and focus questions users select needed accommodation features and specialties to live comfortably.

Information and updates are being recorded to the system

All important details are being saved that excludes ambiguity and misunderstanding between parties providing clarity and preventing any disputes.

Viewing and presenting apartments online

Flexibility when selecting time and place keeps all participants happy because they can meet quickly and more often from any location.

Payments transparency

The properly recorded calculations prevent any disputes matter between parties.

From company information to rental recommendations and recipes, developed by Zade tools bring users useful tips guiding through all stages. The result is a new cozy apartment in the place where you always wanted to live.

Experience strategy

From the outside, there are some bottlenecks associated with renting apartments. Expensive real-estate fees, ambiguous rental conditions, long document procedures, wrong destinations, and taking extra time to get what you need.

These issues create a deep desire to follow the processes that are sufficiently optimized. The BabaFi defined a new digital automation strategy that enables customers to gain full advantage of optimized workflows.

Customer Journeys

To connect with people that rent, sell, or buy apartments, we led a strategic initiative to better define customer profiles and understand their unique relationships with real estate. Through our findings, we observed opportunities and enhancements that could greatly improve the overall rental experience and facilitate the progress in selecting apartments.

BabaFi works for renting, buying, and selling.

For renters, BabaFi is absolutely free, and from property owners or their representatives BabaFi receives the referral fee to cover costs on bringing renters.


BabaFi’s design is built through a complex system of components that evolve and scale rental experience through consistency and context.

And no matter that renting apartments in NY requires some procedures to prepare documents, viewing an apartment, applying with documentation – BabaFi automates all routine!

To say more, through BabaFi you can proceed with prepayments and sign legal documents, so you always know to whom you are paying and for what services.

Apartment filters

Search by different conditions that matter for you!

User-friendly filters pick up apartments by layout, neighborhoods, price, building amenities, etc.

Draw on map

Draw on the map the neighborhood where you dreamt to live, and BabaFi will propose nearby apartments.

BabaFi assistant

A chatbot with the neural network trained for a long time to understand real-estate matters, walks you through the renting process time-to-time chasing with reasonable questions:

“Where is your work’s location? What time would you like to spend traveling to work? And after work, to your favorite bar?”

After clarifying your needs, the assistant analyzes collected information and proposes an optimal location based on your needs.

Such a revolutionary AI chatbot completely changes users’ experience!

Top listing

The top listing option allows to understand what kind of apartments you need by asking preferred apartment size, neighborhoods, rent amount, for how long do you plan traveling to apartments by metro/bus/bicycle/walk, necessary amenities (gym, parking, washing machine, etc., pet friendliness), moving dates and so on.

Based on your answers, the automatic report with selected apartments will be sent to your email.

Upcoming meetings

The system allows viewing apartments online so you can book 1 hour with a landlord and virtually visit the apartment.

You can view the apartment even from mobile!

To make the meeting even more thorough, the BabaFi chatbot will ask questions focusing your attention on the details important to consider and clarify when renting the apartment, so you could take a well-balanced decision.

Your replies are being uploaded to the system to keep you updated.

The property owner and renter do not waste extra time to meet. Win-win!

Rent something wonderful

And now, hurry up! It’s here. You can try the beta version of BabaFi right now.

Use it for free and experience better service without agents and brokers!

By searching listings, booking virtual appointments, you can start visiting properties and make the best deal today!

We would willingly help you to implment a revolutionary idea!

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Written by
Yuriy Zahreva, CTO
By creating the user-friendly system progressively designed with AI, object recognition, recommendations, Zade Agency digitally transformed the world of software for people.
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