Integrated Team

Integrated Team

We seamlessly integrate with your team, rapidly scaling your design & development capabilities while saving time and effort in hiring and overseeing personnel.
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Scalable integrated expertise

Zade integrates with promising pre-seed and seed-stage startups, scaling product design and development capabilities.
Get your product to market faster
Zade provides a business-oriented team of integrated experts to navigate stages of product iteration. We reduce time-to-market by efficient scope decomposition and CTO/CDO guidance.
Focus on key business goals
We eliminate resource-intensive hiring, onboarding, and management. So you can focus on business development, hypothesis validation, or investment raising.

Production team

We are dedicated to reducing time-to-market and hypothesis validation. Zade is commited to transparency providing information and full visibility at every stage.
Full-Stack Developer
React.js & React Native
API integration
AWS & Google Cloud Dev
Digital product designer
UI/UX design
Usability audit
Project Manager
Project scope and objectives definition
Cross-functional teams coordination
Identification of challenges and solutions
Web Developer
WordPress dev
Webflow dev
Plugin dev & integration
QA Specialist
Creating test plans and test cases
Performing testing
Monitoring and reporting

Advisory team

Advisory team

Will help you to craft a business-oriented product strategy. We provide guidance to align technology and digital initiatives with your startup objectives.
Technology advisory
Chief Technology Officer
Product technology strategy development
Overseeing development team
Tech feasibility validation
Design Advisory
Chief Design Officer
Product design strategy development
Managing design budgets and resource allocation
Overseeing the design team

"We consider ourselves very demanding, and they were able to fit themselves into our framework and thrive.

Open-minded, ready to readjust and not afraid to tackle unknown elements of our obscure technology stack. They can withstand pretty much any amount of client's critique and come out stronger than they were initially. So, they're coachable and hard-working and that's all it takes to be professional."
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"The collaborative approach resulted in a successful partnership and an outstanding final product.

Everything was done as quickly as possible. From my experience with other agencies, Zade's team stands out for its unique ideas, fast and accurate execution, and special attention to detail. They have raised the standard level familiar to me to new heights”
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