Zade is a digital agency proud to have long-term partnerships with globally recognized digital-first companies. We value honesty and integrity in all of our work relationships.
Zade is a full-service technology company specializing in creating intuitive user experiences, building cloud and mobile applications, and delivering SaaS solutions. We offer comprehensive support throughout all stages of product development, from prototyping to full-scale implementation.

Our team is dedicated to expertly planning, designing, and delivering projects for pre-seed and seed startups. When you choose to work with us, you can trust that we will help bring your vision to fruition.


Web Apps
Mobile Apps
SaaS Platforms


Cloud Architect
Designing, building, and managing cloud computing systems
Digital product designer
Working closely with cross-functional teams of developers, researchers, and product managers to create intuitive and engaging user experiences. 


Software Engineer
HTML/CSS, JS, React, API integration
UI/UX Designer
UX/UI design, Prototyping
Quality Assurance Specialist
Evaluating the quality of products, services, or systems to ensure that they meet the specified requirements
Project Manager
Planning, organizing, and overseeing the work of a team to achieve specific goals.


Our strong supervision team ensures that quality is maintained and data security is a top priority at every phase of delivery
Our experts are fluent in English, and there are no communication gaps
Innovative, advanced technologies
We are fully dedicated to your project as if it were our own
Skilled Project Management team that you would love!
GDPR / HIPPA awareness


01. Discovery & Solution Architecture
02. UI/UX Design
03. Development and Testing
04. Deployment & Monitoring
Have a product in mind?
Let's create something your users will love
This service is perfect for companies that experience rapid growth and are open to onboarding remote teams to their agile workflow.

Hiring a dedicated team might bring quite a few challenges. That's why we spent a lot of time building the best cooperation model out there, and we are proud of our simple, practical, hassle-free approach.

Contact us, name your requirements and wait for our candidates to arrive at your doorstep. Did you like them? Fantastic! Now they are your remote team members dedicated to your projects full-time.


Team of in-house tech experts dedicated solely to your project
Professionals fluent in English
Complete coverage of the operational cost
Dedicated Account Manager


Introduction call and  analysis of your requirements & needs
We provide you a best-fit CVs for your business needs
Development and Testing
Deployment & Monitoring


Our approach is effective, fast, and simple, and we want your new team members to be as productive as possible. Some criteria can help our team a lot in delivering the best result out there, and at the very start of work with Impressit dedicated team, we expect you to:

  • Commit for the long-term cooperation
  • Have sufficient product management capacity
  • Have a product roadmap, backlog & set clear expectations
Have a product in mind?
Let's create something your users will love
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