An Easy Way to Communicate for Disabled People

Lulu, United States

About the client

Lulu is a gathering of forward-minded specialists based in the USA that has found themselves troubled with the way people with disabilities have to cope with living in modern realities. The resulting Lulu project is an ambitious smart digital communication technology aimed at facilitating all the hardships of communication among disabled people. The team at Zade was undoubtedly pleased to be chosen as a technological partner for this one.
Native App Development
2 developers, 2 UI/UX designers

Delivered solution

In terms of all the technical work, Lulu is a complex digital communication system based on a progressive API that allows us to seamlessly integrate with AI services and achieve the overall optimized, secure backend architecture. We have created a design that is not only consistent, convenient, eye-pleasing, and stylish - it translates brand attributes. It engages users to explore the possibilities via a range of features and customizable tools. Ultimately, Lulu is a multipurpose tool that enables many conversation formats and styles and allows to collect and categorize preferred inputs and outputs. A specially trained AI network can recognize and scan up to 5-6 objects in front of the camera. Text inputs can be voiced by the system and vice versa - the input voice can be converted into text. For the quickest answers to various questions, the system recognizes an extensive database of key phrases and words. On top of all that, the advanced digital communication system also offers a library of frequently used words and phrases for instant access, intuitive and customizable means of navigation (a specialized keyboard that can be manipulated either directly or via voice or visual commands, gestures), quick access panel, and an emergency button for unpredictable situations.

Сloud technologies
Google Cloud Platform
Performance monitoring
Redis, PostgreSQL
Logging monitoring
OOP and Solid
Project Management
DialogFlow NLP, Tensorflow Computer Vision
Tech Stack
Node.js, Electron.js, React.js, TypeScript

Common challenges

Inability to communicate
People with speech and communication disabilities, visual impairment and blindness, hearing problems and deafness, and cognitive and developmental disabilities lack efficient, universal digital communication systems.
Poor image/sound recognition
It is either impossible, difficult, or problematic to communicate visually, by showing objects or gestures via existing available tools. While voice recognition works well in some solutions, image processing is prioritized in others.
No universal way to communicate
There is a lack of available complex centralized digital communication platforms that pack enough helpful features in one place to help disabled people constantly stay in touch, easily communicate when studying or working, and find their way around emergencies at the same time.

Lulu solutions

Specialized digital communication interface
Lulu is an AI-powered platform that employs image and speech recognition technologies to enable efficient object recognition, instant text-to-speech and speech-to-text conversion, and speech analysis.
Combined visual/audio recognition
The system easily recognizes up to 6 visual objects at the same time, does input text voiceovers and converts voice to text, makes out speech by keywords, and understands a range of gestures for interface management.
Multipurpose convenience out of the box
Lulu is an all-around convenient solution that can help disabled people find the most fitting way to communicate for them individually within a single system. Commonly, the software is installed on the armchair-attached tablet for instant access.


Problem of choice
Too many options to select but no understanding from what to start or where to focus attention when deciding on a deal; making first steps that lead to the wrong direction; or endless sorting of options without result.
Viewing and presenting apartment takes hours or attention and parties availabilities for a meeting.
Amenity issues
Expectation and reality are never be the same, especially when it comes about accommodation features and specialties that create comfort or may disturb you.
Human factor
Ambiguity in explanations, breaking promises, trickiness, over- and underestimating conditions, and affecting important decisions by mood amplitudes – for people it’s normal but can be obstacle when doing business.


Wisdom decision
On different renting stages, the Bot Assistant and Top Listing option thoroughly guide users by asking relevant questions to reveal user needs. The flexible map allows selecting apartments in the preferable region.
Amenity choice
With BabaFi’s filters and focus questions users select needed accommodation features and specialties to live comfortably.
Viewing and presenting apartments online
Flexibility when selecting time and place keeps all participants happy because they can meet quickly and more often from any location.
Payments transparency
The properly recorded calculations prevent any disputes matter between parties.

Client about us

“Lulu is a passion-driven project that we could only entrust to an all-around reliable tech partner and, thankfully, the guys at Zade were perfect to collaborate with. Dedicated specialists quickly got the drift of our design ideas and implemented them with gloss. We are grateful for all the work done and are eager to promote Lulu among real users now.”
Johae Song
CEO at Lulu
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