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About the client

Constant monitoring of social media and email correspondence is a cornerstone issue for dozens of businesses. Keeping a firm grip on all the incoming/outcoming information and daily message exchange is paramount for expanding business contacts network, reinforcing product/service provider’s reputation, and busines choose to make a chat app. HelloChat is the ultimate solution to that issue - it centralizes all messaging in one place, saving business owners and managers tons of time, nerves, AND valuable opportunities.
Web App Development
2 Front End Devs, 2 Back-End Devs, 2 UI/UX Designers
Communication platforms

Delivered solution

HelloChat is an SaaS communication centralization platform that delivers complex contact management opportunities in the simplest format. Yet another challenge in any business communication routine is getting over the learning curve in order to start using similar solutions, which is usually challenging and time-consuming due to a range of specifics each system has. HelloChat is made based on the familiar Telegram-esque design pattern, with the interface optimized to run equally well across platforms and devices. Creating a messaging app that has simple integrations with WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, and a range of email services makes it a universal correspondence tool. At the same time, no user connection restrictions, the ability to switch between chat rooms and flag messaging threads, as well as centralized notifications turn it into a powerhouse of a tool for professional contacts network management.

Сloud technologies
Amazon Web Services
Performance monitoring
Amazon CloudWatch
Logging monitoring
Microservice Architecture
Project Management
Redis, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ
Tech Stack
Node.js, React.js, TypeScript

Common challenges

Multi-channel correspondence
Having to constantly monitor, send, and respond to messages across a myriad of social networks plus email manually is an unreasonably time-, nerve-, and resource-consuming task.
Social messaging restrictions
The task becomes especially cumbersome to handle with some networks blocking access from multiple devices at once and restricting user sessions due to various security purposes.
Equal attention to all contacts
It’s easy to lose track of communication even with the best, closest clients and partners in a constant flow of incoming/outcoming information to manage, which may result in accidentally spoiled professional relationships. That’s why businesses consider building a messaging app.
Email correspondence
Managing email message exchanges usually requires separate workflow focus, tools, and approaches, making business communication all the more segmented and effort-consuming.

HelloChat solutions

Centralized communication
HelloChat serves as a social media and email correspondence hub, tieing up all business communication in one place, centralizing notifications, and allowing CEOs and managers to indulge in multi-channel messaging via convenient dashboards using a single chat manager.
Unlimited connections
The HelloChat create a messaging app that allows the connection of as many messaging users as needed, with an ability to add more support manager profiles right when you need it.
Handy email integrations
HelloChat merges social media and email correspondence management with the help of one-click integrations with Gmail, Outlook, APL, iCloud, Yahoo, and any other email systems via SMTP. This is one of the main features to include while making a chat app.
Segmented messaging
In HelloChat, users may create multiple separate workspaces dedicated to the correspondence with specific contacts and switch between them anytime, keeping a clear track of all chats without getting confused and paying equal attention to everybody.


Problem of choice
Too many options to select but no understanding from what to start or where to focus attention when deciding on a deal; making first steps that lead to the wrong direction; or endless sorting of options without result.
Viewing and presenting apartment takes hours or attention and parties availabilities for a meeting.
Amenity issues
Expectation and reality are never be the same, especially when it comes about accommodation features and specialties that create comfort or may disturb you.
Human factor
Ambiguity in explanations, breaking promises, trickiness, over- and underestimating conditions, and affecting important decisions by mood amplitudes – for people it’s normal but can be obstacle when doing business.


Wisdom decision
On different renting stages, the Bot Assistant and Top Listing option thoroughly guide users by asking relevant questions to reveal user needs. The flexible map allows selecting apartments in the preferable region.
Amenity choice
With BabaFi’s filters and focus questions users select needed accommodation features and specialties to live comfortably.
Viewing and presenting apartments online
Flexibility when selecting time and place keeps all participants happy because they can meet quickly and more often from any location.
Payments transparency
The properly recorded calculations prevent any disputes matter between parties.

Client about us

“We needed a single system that would help project teams and companies streamline multi-channel communication across social networks and email services. The main goal was to achieve segmented correspondence abilities without making the tool difficult to learn and use. This is exactly what we have been able to achieve with the help of sensitive guidelines, pro tips, and reliable implementations provided by the team.”
Cas Adams
CEO, HelloChatt
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