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Pair my Care, United Kingdom

About the client

Axela Care is an established provider of private care and live-in care services for the elderly, ill, disabled people, and people with special needs. The main focus of the company is an up-to-date approach to offering such services via specialized software solutions. Digital solutions the company creates, help Axela Care approach the main goal - streamlined, accessible private care service opportunities that can be easily accessed and managed through all-in-one solutions. This includes the Pair my Care marketplace, a dedicated caregiver mobile app for care workers, and more.
Web App Development
2 developers, 2 UI/UX designers

Delivered solution

Pair my Care is a specialized digital marketplace where you may find care workers for relatives or other people with special needs, and where specialists may find private care and live-in care job opportunities.

For this, care seekers get an intuitive all-in-one interface that allows them to:

  • Add several care recipient profiles so that you could manage all the services for people who aren’t able to use software;
  • Search care workers by location and date of availability, as well as through a myriad of other filters;
  • Contact available care workers to specify the details of cooperation;
  • See care worker ratings and testimonials of previous employers;
  • Configure a custom working schedule through a specialized pop-up section and state it to the care worker;
  • Use the Care Team section to see all the previously hired specialists and re-hire them if needed.

In turn, specialists providing private and live-in care services get a dedicated mobile caregiver app where they can:

  • Post a job with individually set conditions, descriptions, and professional specifics;
  • Search job offers with the help of rich filters;
  • Use a calendar to set and track schedules;
  • Get timely notifications;
  • Put down personal care notes.

Pair my Care is an easy-to-use digital marketplace that connects users with special care workers seeking requirements and specialists offering private care services. Such care apps make the lives of both people with special needs and their relatives or close ones much easier.

Сloud technologies
Google Cloud Platform
Logging monitoring
OOP and Solid
Project Management
Tech Stack
Laravel, React.js, TypeScript

Common challenges

Finding & hiring care workers
It is difficult to find and hire well-qualified care workers without spending days on end searching, going through tons of bureaucracy, and putting unnecessary costs into it. And specialized centers usually pose fees and conditions of their own.
Getting exactly the specialist you need
It is even more challenging to hire exactly the care worker you require to handle specific needs, work with especially critical cases, or provide care according to the shifting conditions at a fitting schedule.
Lack of remote opportunities
Hiring care workers still mostly involves going on Craig’s List or a similar service and getting swamped with tons of irrelevant offers. This takes a lot of time while giving you low confidence in the final choice. The same issue is experienced by care workers looking for a job. Building caregiver apps is a great way to solve all of the listed challenges.

Pair my Care solutions

One-stop all-in-one platform
Pair my Care provides versatile opportunities for seeking and hiring the care workers you need via the care app with an intuitive interface filled with search filters, personalized features, and rapid hiring opportunities. Find, communicate with, hire, and rate care workers all in one place.
Smart search driven by exact needs
You may add several care recipients in one account and fine search care workers for them based on their language, specific skills, condition experience, gender, and even driving license to hire specialists who can reach the care recipient in the fastest way possible.
A mobile app for caregivers
Care workers may conveniently post their professional profiles to find work opportunities, schedule workflows with newly-acquired care recipients, get timely notifications, and keep a personal record of care notes.


Problem of choice
Too many options to select but no understanding from what to start or where to focus attention when deciding on a deal; making first steps that lead to the wrong direction; or endless sorting of options without result.
Viewing and presenting apartment takes hours or attention and parties availabilities for a meeting.
Amenity issues
Expectation and reality are never be the same, especially when it comes about accommodation features and specialties that create comfort or may disturb you.
Human factor
Ambiguity in explanations, breaking promises, trickiness, over- and underestimating conditions, and affecting important decisions by mood amplitudes – for people it’s normal but can be obstacle when doing business.


Wisdom decision
On different renting stages, the Bot Assistant and Top Listing option thoroughly guide users by asking relevant questions to reveal user needs. The flexible map allows selecting apartments in the preferable region.
Amenity choice
With BabaFi’s filters and focus questions users select needed accommodation features and specialties to live comfortably.
Viewing and presenting apartments online
Flexibility when selecting time and place keeps all participants happy because they can meet quickly and more often from any location.
Payments transparency
The properly recorded calculations prevent any disputes matter between parties.

Client about us

“Pair my Care was and remains a highly responsible project with a clear yet very demanding goal. Thanks to a timely collaboration with Zade, we have been able to build the existing marketplace and a dedicated mobile care worker app based on the market’s best practices. As a result, we have a solution that looks pretty familiar to most ordinary software users from the get-go and does its job of connecting care seekers and care workers perfectly.”
Nicholas Kelly,
Co-founder & CEO, Pair my Care
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