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At Zade, we believe that people is the most important asset of an organization. We aim to develop a culture where our employees can showcase their skills and knowledge and create wonders.
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We are Zade, a software product development company. We are proud to be a long-term partner of worldwide digital-first companies and provide app development jobs for top talents.
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Our values

Building new digital products and introducing innovations, we need to keep up with the trends and set new ones! Our team strives to become a better version of ourselves and will assist you in doing the same.
Help Other
We believe that sharing your knowledge is a key to your personal growth at any IT job. Our team members exchange professional experiences with each other and get regular feedback on their work progress.
Honoring Commitments
We can move mountains together when every team member knows what is expected and takes responsibility for their part! We always act like owners and bring new ideas to the table for better project outcomes.
Professional Approach
Whether it is team communication or dealing with top-level management problems, we do everything professionally paying attention to even the smallest details. Quality is always our top priority.

Compensation & Benefits

Education Program
We will assist you in becoming a better version of yourself and contribute to your personal growth by compensating up to 50 percent of your relevant education expenses.
Comfy open workspace
Our office is designed with a motive to make the employees feel comfortable both mentally and physically. It contains everything you need to give your best work efficiently.
Paid sick leaves
and vacations
We understand the crucial role played by vacations in enhancing your motivation to work hard; you will get an ample number of paid vacations and sick leaves or day-offs.
Regular briefing
and review
We conduct briefing and review meetings on a regular basis to make sure you memorize the concepts and clarify your queries easily.
IT Club Loyalty
Do your regular shopping and get discounts and gifts. More than 1000 brands are in this program.
College, not an employee
Every one of us is a professional and we treat each other as such. No matter who you are, co-founder or a trainee.
"Zade gave me a unique opportunity to develop my potential and find myself. Here I learnt to perform my duties professionally and follow the instructions of customers by finding a unique approach and proper contact with them. At Zade, I feel constant support from my colleagues both within my working environment as well as in my personal life. It is here that the moment you enter the office, a smile appears on your face."
Oleh Tymoshenko, UI/UX Designer
"It is comfortable for me to work at Zade. There is a nice team and good working conditions. I understand that I have an opportunity to develop. In fact, self-development of the employees is the top priority of the company’s management. I am really lucky to start my career path here."
Yuliia Hladiy, UI/UX Designer
"To me, Zade is about recognising the real needs of clients and first-class solution delivery as a priority. As an engineer, you should always be ready to face novel challenges, be flexible and think outside the box. To my mind, the supportive and reliable teamwork built within the company is one of the key recipes of Zade's quality. Indeed, this is the atmosphere in the team that encourages you to develop new skills on a daily basis."
Anna Botsula, Full-Stack Developer

Offering jobs for software developers and IT experts

Zade is a Ukraine-based leading digital agency. We are proud to serve as a long-term partner for well-known global digital-first companies and help them achieve their technology objectives. Honesty is our USP, and we believe in creating honest work relationships.

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